How To Decorate With White: Tips And Tricks To White Decor

Timeless designs, tranquil atmosphere and comfy feeling can only come with “White”. You heard it right – White is one of those unique colors that have been universally used in various interior works. Be it is a commercial space or residential, white has always played a vital role in enhancing the decor of the space.
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White Is Not Boring
Pristine, pure, and chic- white decor makes a dramatic impact that seems always right. The perception has changed, the way people used to think of white as a non color. Today white is beyond that, and has proved umpteenth time from classic to contemporary everything revolves around white.  The color provides an ideal setting whether your taste is rustic, urban, contemporary or classic. It not only looks chic but your space appears to be airier and bigger. It acts as the canvas to showcase your other decor elements, creating an inviting look.

White Can Be Cozy
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If you are looking for a space that relaxes you when you come home slogging hard at the office than white is the shade that will do the justice. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a stress free life at home, adding natural texture area rugs along with some contemporary art pieces will liven up your room. White is the dependable shade that gives you that comfy and cozy look. Every day you will look forward to spending time in that room as it provides you with that natural serene atmosphere.

White Is The Color
1.Shadow Leaf Throw Pillow 2.Bone Block Frame by Lazy Susan 3.White Alabaster Vanity Tray by Lazy Susan 4.Silver Cement Frame by Lazy Susan 5.Bone Rod Pattern Rectangular Box by Lazy Susan 6.White Jack 7.Perforated Porcelain Dish by Lazy Susan 8.Greek Key Metallic Silver Embroidered Throw Pillow 9.Basket weave Bone Box Set

White simplifies your space. White decor emphasizes the space instead of the surfaces. Some people try to satisfy the decor of the space with insipid color schemes, it isn’t that it doesn’t work at all, rather why not embrace the space with the color that you will love to see every day.  Accentuating your other accessories with the shades of white will not be difficult, as you will get endless options to match with the element.

Not All  White Match- Make Selection Carefully
Truly said, not all white makes an excellent match since there are lots of different shades in white available. Choose it carefully since a majority of the other decorative selection depends on the primary shade of white you choose. Accessorizing with white might be easy but it does require just as much of careful attention as with any other color scheme.

Texture, Pattern, and Layering With White
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Use texture and pattern to add excitement and warmth to what would otherwise be a boring and cool color pallet.  The use of natural materials like natural fiber area rugs as well as contemporary area rugs really help bring the color white to life.

Is White A Practical Color Choice?
All white palettes might look pristine in an interior decoration magazine, but is it practical?
You probably need to consider every aspects before you choose to decorate your space with white. For instance if you have small kids, and pets or a partner who spills coffee often, how will you make white feasible?  Use a shabby chic style for your interiors, like slip covered sofas and chairs that can be washed. Select area rugs made from natural fibers that are easy to clean, throw pillows and throw blankets can be washed or dry cleaned.

White Can Unify A Space and Soften Architectural Mishaps  
The best part about using the white is you can cover up the decor mistakes easily. Warmer lights and layered lightning will make the clutter look cool. Upholster all your mismatched furniture pieces in white and give your room a unified look. It gives a uniformed, contemporary look that you can have in the most affordable ways.

White is the most refreshing shade of all that can evoke cleanliness and purity. It also provides your space a sophisticated and confident look. Before you decide that your space will never do with the shade of white, think about the above mentioned factors for your interiors.

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by Firoozeh Khorrami
Carmel Decor

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by Firoozeh Khorrami
Carmel Décor

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