6 Coffee Table Options

There’re coffee table options for any style!  Trade in the traditional wooden coffee table for a unique piece that speaks to your style. Since Victorian era England, coffee tables have been a staple piece in every living room. Mahogany, metal, and concrete coffee tables are some of the many coffee table options.  Vamp up your living space and stray away from the traditional look of a short, long, wooden coffee table.6 Coffee Table Options

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“I Love Lucy” Fan Theory Suggests the Show Was Darker Than We Thought Apparently, our favorite redhead had some dangerous mob ties.

Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do!  What if we told you your favorite, happy sitcom had a dark and dangerous past — would you believe us? Well, according to a new fan theory, I Love Lucy is actually about an abused and abandoned woman who escaped her mob boss father by moving to New York City. And that’s the secret behind Lucy Ricardo’s scheming ways. Don’t buy it? Stick with us for a few …

First of all, have you ever heard Lucy mention her father? Meanwhile other members of her family (like her mom) make an appearance on the show and the whole clan visits Ricky’s relatives in Cuba. In fact, in the episode called “Housewarming,” Lucy’s friends Ethel and Betty are having a conversation Lucy is dying to be part of, but when they mention their father’s names she still doesn’t say hers. Suspicious. Watch below at the 4:25 mark.

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