Area Rugs 101: What You Need To Know Before Buying An Area Rug

I didn’t know much about area rugs when I started working as an interior designer.  Over the years I have learned a thing or two and would like to share them with you. Area rugs 101: What you need to know before buying an area rug.  Area rugs are traditionally known for their elaborate patterns, designs and colors, as well as their complex weaving styles.  Area rugs are made to serve a decorative function also as an art form.

Area Rugs 101: What You Need To Know Before Buying An Area Rug

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Alternative Uses For Area Rugs

Last weekend at the flea market I found the most beautiful vintage kilim.   It was in disrepair from neglect and time, but fortunately the colors were still vibrant and exciting.  I had to have it, so with a little haggling I was able to buy it at a good price; good enough so I would not worry if my plans for it did not pan out as well as I’m hoping.  First order of business was to figure out what I was going to do with it?  There are so many options  so many alternative uses for area rugs.


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How to bring the unique Bohemian chic decor style into your place?

DormroomEntering a new stage in life can be wonderful…also overwhelming. Therefore lessen those feelings of homesickness and heighten the excitement of living in your first dorm room (or apartment) by creating a warm atmosphere to call home. Do you love to explore your unconventional creative side? furthermore reinventing your surroundings? Then discover how to bring the unique Bohemian chic decor style into your place. Continue reading

Decorating With Patterns: Chevron

We love the vivid, zigzag pattern of the chevron print; it’s casual and elegant at the same time. The chevron pattern is grown up and sophisticated for the living room, yet fun and easy going in the playroom.

Use the chevron pattern to add a burst of excitement to a room by using it on the floor,

or add interest and color with a chevron pattern rug or a few throw pillows.

Chevron patterns can be used in a variety of colors and scale, the more contrast and larger the scale the more visually stimulating; by using softer colors in a smaller scale the look is more like a texture than pattern.

Since chevron is a geometric pattern it can easily be combined with floral or solids.

We think that the Chevron Pattern is not just a trend it’s here to stay and we just love it! How about you, have you used this pattern in your home?

Happy decorating
by Firoozeh Khorrami
Carmel Decor

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