How to bring the unique Bohemian chic decor style into your place?

DormroomEntering a new stage in life can be wonderful…also overwhelming. Therefore lessen those feelings of homesickness and heighten the excitement of living in your first dorm room (or apartment) by creating a warm atmosphere to call home. Do you love to explore your unconventional creative side? furthermore reinventing your surroundings? Then discover how to bring the unique Bohemian chic decor style into your place.

VISTVT-05BBML_03_LRGHow to bring the unique Bohemian chic decor style into your place?

SAHASJ-03SA00_02_LRGYour room is the perfect blank canvas to express your inner hippie.  The perfect bohemian abode is full of juxtapositions. Because of the mixture of patterns on patterns, and a variety of mixed materials and textures.

Start by forgetting  a set color scheme, also by not being afraid to break the “rules” of traditional styles. Get creative, with vivid colors, distinct patterns, and rustic accent pieces are especially relevant. Most of all shop outside the box for eye-catching vintage furniture and eclectic boho-chic decor.  Bohemian style decor is a unique style.

SIERSB-01BRML_03_LRGFurthermore embellish your tranquil room with fun pops of color.  Add a diverse array of light fixtures and wall decorations. A comfy rug and decorative pillows can also be an accent or the focal point of your unique bohemian style room. As a result the presence of free spirited designs, whimsical patterns, and bold hues will distinguish your very own bohemian retreat!

Finally, kick back, relax, and enjoy the earthy charm of your new space that will be the envy of all your visitors.

Visit Carmel Decor and see our selection of Bohemian Chic Decor.

ZULUZU-01IVBR_01_LRGIn addition to the bohemian style find other unique decorative ideas at My First Studio.

Have you decorated your dorm room or first apartment? If you have we please share your space with us, we would love to see it. #myfirststudio

You can find a large selection of area rugs, throw pillows, lighting, home accents and wall decor to help you create your perfect space on any budget at Carmel Decor.
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