5 Items You Need To Make Your Home A Sanctuary

After a hard day of work, let’s face it, with all the hectic lives we have, at the end of the day we need to retire in a sanctuary called home. Returning to a restful, calming, and cozy den, living room, bedroom, or an outside patio, would be so well-deserved. Make Your home a sanctuary a luxury that can be designed and laid out easily.

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5 Home Design Trends That Stand The Test Of Time

With the start of every season, I run to the news stand to pick up my favorite fashion magazine.  I come home and lounge in my favorite spot on the sofa and devour every page of these magazines from cover to cover.  Always looking for the seasons hottest trends in fashion, art, architecture and home decor.  There are many styles that start off as a trend; pieces we like to wear or have in our home for a year or so than toss and move on.  Some trends are short lived, here are 5 home  design trends that stand the test of time.

5 Home Design Trends That Stand The Test Of Time

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8 Accents To Spruce Up Your Home This Fall

Cozy up with accents to spruce up your Home this Fall.   Adding small accents around your house can help welcome the most colorful season of the year.  There’s no need for a complete overhaul, just a few accents can transform your home for the comfiest time of year.

8 Living Room Accents to spruce up Your Home This Fall

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6 Coffee Table Options

There’re coffee table options for any style!  Trade in the traditional wooden coffee table for a unique piece that speaks to your style. Since Victorian era England, coffee tables have been a staple piece in every living room. Mahogany, metal, and concrete coffee tables are some of the many coffee table options.  Vamp up your living space and stray away from the traditional look of a short, long, wooden coffee table.6 Coffee Table Options

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Alternative Uses For Area Rugs

Last weekend at the flea market I found the most beautiful vintage kilim.   It was in disrepair from neglect and time, but fortunately the colors were still vibrant and exciting.  I had to have it, so with a little haggling I was able to buy it at a good price; good enough so I would not worry if my plans for it did not pan out as well as I’m hoping.  First order of business was to figure out what I was going to do with it?  There are so many options  so many alternative uses for area rugs.


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5 Ways To Organize And Clear Up Clutter Using Trays

Are you tired of the stuff on top of your counter in the kitchen?  How about all those shoes lined up in the mud room?  There are products in the market that can make your clutter look good.  Organize and clear up clutter using trays.  When there is a grouping of items on a tray your mind reads it as one, hens cutting down on visual clutter.  Everyone has a room that is unorganized, maybe a corner of a room, a drawer or counter top.  Trays are a tool to organize and make a unified and uncluttered look.

5 Ways To Clear Up Clutter Using Trays

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5 ways to get the layered rug look

How to get the layered rug look

the layered rug look Customize your living space by layering rugs of contrasting patterns, colors, and textures. You can add richness  to your unique ensemble of furniture and decorative pieces while covering more empty space.  That beautiful rug that doesn’t cover nearly enough of the living room floor? It does not have to be a problem. Are you daunted by the task? Here are 5 ways to get the layered rug look.

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Modern Interior Decoration Ideas

Carmel Decor offers modern interior decoration ideasSouthern California is the Mecca of modern interior decoration ideas. With the beautiful landscape and fair climate, it’s ideal for modern and casual indoor / outdoor living. Modern interior decoration ideas are all about combining pattern and textures, color, line and shape, proportion and light to create the ultimate interior space. Whether designing a living room, bedroom or dining room these elements play a key role in the end product.

A good floor plan

Modern interior decoration ideas starts with a good floor plan. Consider the function of the room, who will be using it and how often, what kind of lighting you will need and what time during the day will the space be used most. Next work on the traffic flow and the furniture plan, working out the traffic flow is directly connected to the comfort level of the space. Once these items have been settled the real fun begins.

Modern Interior Decor Texture and Pattern

Applying elements of design is vital to creating a beautiful modern interior space. Texture and pattern can communicate a design style.  Modern interior design textures are usually smooth surfaces and glossy materials. Look for luxurious materials like soft leather, polished chrome and lush textiles. Carmel Decor shag area rugs are not only soft to the touch but also add visual texture, take a look at the Olin Shag area rug. Furniture and accent pieces should be tailored; like the Carmel Decor Lazy Susan White Glass side table with polished chrome base; it has a smooth shiny surface that reflects its sleek and simple design. Pattern much like texture can enhance and add character to what would be an ordinary room.  However pattern has to be balanced out; the size and scale of your space and the pattern must correlate or it will over whelm the space. Rich contrast adds decorative appeal. Consider throw pillows, and throw blankets in contrasting colors with your sofa, Carmel Decor’s Classic cable knit pillow, along with Carmel Decor’s Geometric Pattern throw blankets are perfect for creating decorative appeal as well as a cozy comfortable area.

Complete the room with good lighting adding a warm glow and elements of fine quality accents.  Read all about Modern interior decoration ideas on the Home Sweet Home blog.

You can find a large selection of area rugs, throw pillows, lighting, home accents and wall decor to help you create Modern interior decoration your home on Carmel Decor.

by Firoozeh Khorrami
Carmel Decor

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perfect Gift Ideas Carmel Decor

Search Carmel Decor for perfect gift ideas for her

Searching for perfect gift ideas?  Here is a selection of some of our top sellers.  Table lamps, picture frames, beautiful throw pillows and blankets for cozy winter evenings.  Need more help, contact us on the phone or by email.
1.Elk Driftwood Diamond Table Lamp
2.Hexagon Embroidered Pillow
3.Linen Silver Stitched Ginkgo Votive
4.Madison’s Garden Dragonfly Needlepoint Pillow
5.Bone Block Frame by Lazy Susan
6.Tristen Decorative Throw Pillow
7.White Alabster Vanity Tray by Lazy Susan
8.Bone Rod Pattern Decoraive Box by Lazy Susan
9.Aluminum Bark Frame by Lazy Susan
10.Tristen Decorative Throw Blanket
11.Gold Mercury Glass Bullet Lamp
12. Fluted Crystal Votives


You can find a large selection of area rugs, throw pillows, lighting, home accents and wall decor to help you find the perfect gifts at Carmel Decor.

by Stacy Koch
Carmel Decor

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