How to Mix Patterns In Your Home

Mixing colors, layering patterns, adding textures can be both interesting as well as add dimension, personality and warmth to any space.   Can’t decide between stripes, chevron and a bold floral?  It’s a daunting task one that has many baffled.  How can you mix beautiful colors and gorgeous patterns in one space without making your room look like an eye sore?   Various patterns and colors don’t need to match they just need to go together.  Proper mixing and matching of prints will brighten up any home.  Here are a few simple tips on how to mix patterns in your home like a pro for creating an original vibrant decor.How to Mix Patterns In Your Home

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Home Decor Trends Spring 2014: Bold Graphic Floral Prints

Its spring, time for some sunshine and smiles. It is the perfect time to redo your home to spread warmth and love. Like the flowers blooming in your garden, maybe your home can also do with some floral prints. Are you nervous to use floral prints or think that your home would look too girly? Don’t worry; here are some tips to use flower power in your home decor.

Floral prints seem to dominate this spring. As you look around, you will find designers splashing homes with bold graphic floral prints. Using floral designs requires you to grasp the concepts of style, color and proportion. Large floral prints are the design trend of this spring. However, small prints lend a modern look to any home decor. The success of using floral patterns lies in proper mixing of colors and design against a common background.

Make your furniture stand out with floral prints. Simple pieces of furniture like sofas and armchairs can get a fresh look with the right use of floral prints.

Throw pillows with graphic floral prints will add life an otherwise dull beige colored sectional. Choose the pillows with beige prints on a vibrant background. To help the flower patterns stand out, place a few pillows in solid colors on the sofa.

If you are ready to experiment, you can even get floral upholstery or throw covers for your sofas in the living room. To create harmony in your home decor, go for drapes in a single color that will match the colors of the upholstery.

Use area rugs to add a splash of color

using area rugs is a simple idea to brighten up a room. Contemporary area rugs come in beautiful designs that can be used in dining room, bedroom and living room. Floral designs in rugs look very good with upholstery from the same color palette.

Go off the track with unusual colors

If you think floral prints only come in pinks, yellows and blues, you need to check out the spring trends this year. Floral designs in neutral colors like black and white can create powerful home decor statements.

Even use of primary colors in large prints will make your home stand apart.

When it comes to floral designs, you need to mix and match hues and print sizes to create an effect. It is time to go bold with flowers and make your home bloom.

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Carmel Decor’s 10 Most Popular Contemporary Area Rugs

There is no easier way to change the look of a room than by adding or changing an area rug. Contemporary area rugs have timeless style and are durable.  They are kid and pet friendly can be be easily cleaned, come in solids, stripes, floral, in every color under the rainbow.  Contemporary area rugs are inspiring, in a variety of eye catching designs and happy colors. And we have a large selection to fit any budget. Here are Carmel Decor’s 10 most popular contemporary area rugs.

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This is a small selection, visit Carmel Decor to find an outdoor or an indoor contemporary area rug that inspires you.

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