5 Items You Need To Make Your Home A Sanctuary

After a hard day of work, let’s face it, with all the hectic lives we have, at the end of the day we need to retire in a sanctuary called home. Returning to a restful, calming, and cozy den, living room, bedroom, or an outside patio, would be so well-deserved. Make Your home a sanctuary a luxury that can be designed and laid out easily.

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Modern Interior Design Ideas For your Living Room

Have you been wanting to update your living room?  Are you looking for modern interior design ideas for your Living Room?  Modern design is based on the philosophy that form follows function, and less is more. So design and decoration was striped of ornamentation and we started to see new materials and colors used.  Clean lines, warm woods, and bold color is the staple of Mid Century Modern Design and it has inspired designers up to present day.

Modern Interior Design Ideas For your Living Room

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5 Home Design Trends That Stand The Test Of Time

With the start of every season, I run to the news stand to pick up my favorite fashion magazine.  I come home and lounge in my favorite spot on the sofa and devour every page of these magazines from cover to cover.  Always looking for the seasons hottest trends in fashion, art, architecture and home decor.  There are many styles that start off as a trend; pieces we like to wear or have in our home for a year or so than toss and move on.  Some trends are short lived, here are 5 home  design trends that stand the test of time.

5 Home Design Trends That Stand The Test Of Time

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Area Rugs 101: What You Need To Know Before Buying An Area Rug

I didn’t know much about area rugs when I started working as an interior designer.  Over the years I have learned a thing or two and would like to share them with you. Area rugs 101: What you need to know before buying an area rug.  Area rugs are traditionally known for their elaborate patterns, designs and colors, as well as their complex weaving styles.  Area rugs are made to serve a decorative function also as an art form.

Area Rugs 101: What You Need To Know Before Buying An Area Rug

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8 Accents To Spruce Up Your Home This Fall

Cozy up with accents to spruce up your Home this Fall.   Adding small accents around your house can help welcome the most colorful season of the year.  There’s no need for a complete overhaul, just a few accents can transform your home for the comfiest time of year.

8 Living Room Accents to spruce up Your Home This Fall

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5 Ways To Organize And Clear Up Clutter Using Trays

Are you tired of the stuff on top of your counter in the kitchen?  How about all those shoes lined up in the mud room?  There are products in the market that can make your clutter look good.  Organize and clear up clutter using trays.  When there is a grouping of items on a tray your mind reads it as one, hens cutting down on visual clutter.  Everyone has a room that is unorganized, maybe a corner of a room, a drawer or counter top.  Trays are a tool to organize and make a unified and uncluttered look.

5 Ways To Clear Up Clutter Using Trays

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“I Love Lucy” Fan Theory Suggests the Show Was Darker Than We Thought Apparently, our favorite redhead had some dangerous mob ties.

Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do!  What if we told you your favorite, happy sitcom had a dark and dangerous past — would you believe us? Well, according to a new fan theory, I Love Lucy is actually about an abused and abandoned woman who escaped her mob boss father by moving to New York City. And that’s the secret behind Lucy Ricardo’s scheming ways. Don’t buy it? Stick with us for a few …

First of all, have you ever heard Lucy mention her father? Meanwhile other members of her family (like her mom) make an appearance on the show and the whole clan visits Ricky’s relatives in Cuba. In fact, in the episode called “Housewarming,” Lucy’s friends Ethel and Betty are having a conversation Lucy is dying to be part of, but when they mention their father’s names she still doesn’t say hers. Suspicious. Watch below at the 4:25 mark.

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5 ways to get the layered rug look

How to get the layered rug look

the layered rug look Customize your living space by layering rugs of contrasting patterns, colors, and textures. You can add richness  to your unique ensemble of furniture and decorative pieces while covering more empty space.  That beautiful rug that doesn’t cover nearly enough of the living room floor? It does not have to be a problem. Are you daunted by the task? Here are 5 ways to get the layered rug look.

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The Art Of Using Picture Frames In Home Decor

There are many ways to decorate the interiors of your home. You don’t need to spend extravagantly yet have your space to look chic and stylish. With the art of using beautiful picture frames in home decor and with family pictures.  Picture frames have that unique ability to personalize the house in more than one way. Especially because of all the memories that you have framed will always be fresh in your mind since you are seeing them daily. Continue reading

Splurge vs. Save On Living Room Decor

Carmel Decor Splurge vs. save on living room decorOur home is our haven; it should be about us, our personal style and life style. It’s a reflection of who we are, where we come from, our culture, interest and inspiration. Pulling together a home is a creative process, it should be the perfect place for relaxing, hanging out, and accommodating all the activities we would like to attend to in our daily lives. Unlike popular opinion it is possible to design and decorate your perfect home on any budget.  However it’s important to know where to splurge vs. save on living room decor.

Style maker secrets: where to splurge vs. save on living room decor

One of the most frequently asked questions in interior design and home decoration is where to splurge and where to save on living room decor. Here are a few style makers secrets for where to splurge vs. save on living room decor.


Splurge on pieces of furniture used most often. Select a sofa of high quality, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive, but a sofa of good quality can be purchased on a budget that will take the wear and tear of everyday use.

Save on boho chic accessories at Carmel Decor Save on trendy items you would like to change often, seasonal decor, and trendy accessories are great for updating a room but are changed often, so don’t spend too much money there.  Splurge on beautiful living room area rug Carmel Decor

Splurge on items that are focal pieces, something that will make the room and has a wow factor. Like a beautiful area rug in the  living room or entry.

Save on side tables, side tables don’t make a statement and are more about function

Splurge on paint, paint is such a big part of the room, the right color and sheen can make all the difference, so splurge on good quality paint in the right color. Don’t pick color from a small chip in the paint store, bring home a sample and try it on the wall. Look at the color under different light at different times during the day.

As you tackle one of interior design’s biggest challenges: we would love to know what you splurge on and where you save money.

You can find a large selection of area rugs, throw pillows, lighting, home accents and wall decor to help you create your perfect living room on any budget at Carmel Decor.

by Firoozeh Khorrami
Carmel Decor

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