Modern Color Trends For The Home: Brown and Black

Using black and brown together in home decor may seem an odd choice but the clue lies in using the right shades and combining the colors aesthetically. Modern home design sees a lot of use of black and brown to create rich interiors that are warm and cozy and elegant.

Chocolate, cocoa or coffee, which brown do you like?

Brown is a versatile color. It can be gorgeous, warm or dull and when contrasted with the right color can look very vibrant too. So, choose your brown carefully keeping in mind the effect you want to create in your home decor.

Modern color trends involve using brown in a variety of shades. While taupe or red brown can be used for furniture, light tan suits the walls. For dramatic looks, nothing can match espresso or chocolate.
So with all these options of using brown, you know how creative you can get with your home decor.

How to balance brown and black

Use of color trends brown and black
calls for right balance. Too much of any of these colors can make your room look like a cave. You also run the chance of making the room appear small. The best way to use black and brown is mixing it with neutral shades.

White is a good option but it creates a stark contrast which you may not like. Beige or cream are subtle and yet brings out the best of brown and black when paired together.

Cream with its yellow undertone can make your rooms look warm. Use of pillow covers or sofa covers in brown, black and neutral shades will make your home look modern and elegant.

In fact, zebra designs are quite popular nowadays. You can get cushion covers and rugs in brown, black and cream combinations which look very chic. Have a few pieces in these colors and see how your room gets a modern look!

Brown and black works great as anchoring colors. Having a classic rocking chair in black or brown can help you to create a statement in home decor. You can coordinate it with tables and photo frames and rugs in different shades of brown and black.

Remember to use neutral shades on the walls or curtains to create harmony.

Pops of color for a modern look

One of the best characteristics of brown and black is that they can be combined with colors like green and blue in moderate amounts to make rooms look bright. In a room dominated by black and brown, you can place a flower vase in blue or green or even a small aquarium to add a touch of vibrancy. Even a single pillow cover in blue, yellow or green amidst brown-hued ones will make people appreciate your taste.

Use modern color scheme brown and black in different ways and see how contemporary your home looks.

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Happy decorating,
by Firoozeh Khorrami
Carmel Decor

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Create A Cozy Home Decorating With Fall Colors And Textures

Get Cozy This Fall With The Season’s Colors and Textures

Ever since I finished school, Fall has been my favorite time of the year. During my childhood years of course I didn’t want to go back to school, and the shorter days were very depressing. As I grew older, wiser, and more sophisticated I fell in love with Fall. The change in the season, the way light reflects differently, the beautiful fall landscape is so romantic, so rich in color, and the colder climate is welcoming after the summer heat.

Fall 2013 color is Mykonos Blue, and we can see plenty of it in fashion as well as home decor.  Soft, silky velvets in beautiful jewel tones. 


Mykonos blue is just the right color to compliment the warm oranges and reds of the changing leaves on the trees. Like these rugs by Surya available at Carmel Decor

We also love the 2013 color of the year Emerald Green, another warm rich sexy hue inspired by natures color palette.

Gold & bronze, warm metals that glitter and gleam, like the sun as it reflects on the changing colors of the trees. These golden colors are the perfect accent to the saturated colors of fall.

Use gold tones in accessories, the little sparkle adds warmth to the fall ambiance.

There are so many different ways to celebrate the Autumn months, and welcome the change with colors and textures all inspired by nature.
Remember shorter days mean longer nights by candle light.

However you celebrate Autumn, I hope you have been inspired.

You can find beautiful mirrors, poufs and ottomans, decorative pillows,
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Enjoy decorating,
by Firoozeh Khorrami
Carmel Decor

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